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Brief aus Chile, Dank für die Betreuung Marlis aus Chile

Dear Bro. András Kain,
Muchas gracias por el recibimiento de la hermana Marlis!
Vielen Dank für die Begrüßung von Schwester Marlis!

Lieber Brüder András, first of all, you should know that the D. Sister Marlis Schulen-Gossels, upon returning to Chile, she indicate to me how welcome she were in your Lodge. In her own words, ‘if there had been more activities, I would have participated in all of them’. I appreciate with pleasure how our value of Fraternity still valid in all sense.
Likewise, Dear Sister Marlis has committed itself next meeting of her lodge (Or Jadash Lodge, Mondays each 15 days) to transmit the good feeling and experience gathered in her visit to the Berlin lodge.
We hope, Marlis and I, find other ways to communicate our activity to Berliner brothers. Remember that we have a strong emotional connection with the German Judaism, in fact, B'nai B'rith in Chile was founded in Santiago in Jahr 1936, by exiled German brothers, and until the 60s, German language was still the working tongue in “Pacifico Lodge”, our first lodge.
Fraternal regards, Jorge.-
Jorge Zeballos Stepankowsky
Director Ejecutivo
B’nai B’rith, Distrito 27 (Chile, Perú, Bolivia)
Of: +56 2 2733 7723 // Cel: 9 9433 2240
Av. Ricardo Lyon 1933 [Metro Inés de Suarez – Linea 6 ], Providencia, Santiago. C. Postal: 7510999.


Betreff: Visit Dankesbriefe John, Roma,Valerie
WG: B'nai Brith First Lodge
Dear Andras
I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU personally for all the assistance that you have given over many
months to facilitate
our lodge members visit to Berlin last weekend which was a great success.
Your help was invaluable.
The warm hospitality and true friendship which your Sisters and Brothers of the Raoul Wallenberg Lodge Berlin
have shown to our members
have been truly appreciated.
We are really sorry that we could not be with you but hope that one day First Lodge could reciprocate your
hospitality should members of your Lodge wish to visit London.
Warmest greetings also from Maureen to Cynthia and you.
Best wishes and Chag Sameach John


Dear Andras Thank you so much for all you did for us at First Lodge, Bnai Brith, both before and during our visit to Berlin. It was
a wonderful and very interesting trip and beautifully organised. We saw and experienced so much, met so many lovely people,
enjoyed delicious food and want to thank you and all at Bnai Brith for making us so welcome. Dur best regards to you and Cinty,
Valerie and Rabbi Frank Hellner

Valerie und Frank Hellner +447800556769

Dear Andras, What can I tell you that I didn't mention on Saturday evening.
Thank you and all your Council for receiving us in such a warm and friendly manner. Each an everyone of you is a
star and made the trip even more special than it was so please thank themall at your next Council meeting.
As for you personally, again I must send you a thousand thanks. I ho pe we did not tire you too much and that you
have recovered weil. Everything you did was 100% as you could see an the faces of the people around us. Please
also thank your lavely wife for her personal help and charm ..... a lavely woman.
Be weil dear friend and I hope our paths will cross one day soon.
With thanks again from all of us Brits.
Have a happy Vom Tov.


Dankesbrief des B´B´Europa Präsidenten für Mitorganisation der B´B´Europa Tagung von 21.1. 2019

Dr Andras Kain President of Raoul Wallenberg Lodge Berlin 
Brussels, January 28th 2019
Dear Andras,
Thank you for hosting the conference “The Future of Jewish Communities in Europe” on the 21st of January in Berlin. 
I would like to thank you for your time and for your engagement. The feedbacks are positive and constructive. Guests clearly heard your message and valued the commitment of The Raoul Wallenberg Lodge in Berlin. 
Once again, thank you for your support in organizing the conference “The Future of Jewish Communities in Europe”. 
I look forward in working together on future projects, 
Yours sincerely
Serge Dahan, President of B’nai B’rith Europe